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Display Lab -
Enabling Electronic Displays and LEDs
Research & Development - Prototypes - Consulting - Workshop - Talks - ...
  • Display-Technologies and LEDs
    LCD, OLED, LED, ..., Touch Screens, ...
  • Display-Driving incl. LEDs
    Segment, Character, Passive Matrix, Active Matrix, controller, interfaces, ...
  • Display-Measurements incl. Touch and LEDs
    Luminance, uniformity, contrast, grey scale, colour, spectra, ambient light, response time, viewing angle, temperature, lifetime, ...

  • HMI, GUI
  • Software, hardware, micro-controller, electronics, measurements, systems, ...

  • We offer also (individual) seminars, workshops, training etc.

edC 2019 with top level keynotes, 50+ presentations and new record number of attendees!

Program edC 2019 for  download / Call for Papers for edC 2020 available in May 2019

Conference language is English

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Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach
Pforzheim University
(Sorry, up to now only in German)
Impressum / Information Collection and Use
Handbook of Visual Display Technology is published with contributions from Display Lab: Display metrology and display driving (Table of content).